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Not just a gym. A Community.

Meet the Marshalls

From Left: Joseph, Sue, Michelle Roger


A true family studio. 


A family of four Tae Kwon Do Black Belts with a dream: to build a true family-feel boxing studio that mirrored the unique environment we had as a young family. A space where individuals of all ages can come together in a safe, healthy, supportive space to build confidence and have fun together. 


In the early years, while other families sat around the dinner table, we gathered at the Dojo. Homework was often done in the corner of the studio and bed time rituals included laying out your gi for the following day. Saturdays were often spent together at the Dojo, sparring. 

We cheered each other on at competitions and practiced forms and self defense together in our backyard. Years of blood, sweat, and tears... we stood side by side as we each had our black belts tied around our waist for the first time. 


Punching and kicking is in our DNA, it shaped us a family. Taught us about hard work, discipline, confidence, and support. As each year passed, so did our passions for health and fitness.


We developed a signature boxing class and crafted unique high energy drills deep rooted in our Tae Kwon Do experience. We started to teach at gyms around Los Angeles, and as our classes started to swell, so too did the dream. We set our sights on opening a place to call home. And who better to do it with, then the original 4. 

Welcome to Fitbox. It is more than just a workout, it's a mind set, a lifestyle, a community, a family. 

What do we offer?

All levels Boxing classes in Sherman Oaks, CA

All Levels Boxing


All levels, circuit and strength training classes with 5x5 barbell workout in Sherman Oaks, CA

Strength Training

Boxing focused stretching and recovery class in Sherman Oaks, CA

Recovery Class 

Kids Boxing 

Family Boxing Class

Private Training 

Private boxing training with private boxing mitt work in Sherman Oaks, CA

1:1 Mitt Work

FitBox in Action

FitBox All Levels

Fitbox Boxing Class in Sherman Oaks, CA

FitLift 5x5

Kids Boxing

Fitbox 5x5 weight lifting class in Sherman Oaks, CA
Fitbox kids boxing class in Sherman Oaks, CA

Upcoming Events

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