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boxing for a cause

Armenia fund

Armenia Fund Donation

Fitbox is built on community.


Together with many of our members, we are hosting an outdoor boxing class to raise funds for the Armenia Fund. Armenia Fund is accepting donations for humanitarian aid to the persons directly affected by the Azerbaijani bombings of Artsakh.

Saturday, October 24th _ 11am Sign up on

why this is important to us

Artsakh is a de facto independent state with an Armenian population that governs itself. Armenians have a long history in the Artsakh region dating back to the sixth century. On September 27, 2020, Azerbaijan launched military operations against Artsakh. Backed by Turkish air power, drones, and jihadist fighters from Syria, Azerbaijan attacked Stepnakert, the capital of Artsakh.


The international journalists on-the-ground confirmed the targeting of civilian areas. Hundreds of people have died, thousands of people are displaced. As recently as October 8, 2020, Azerbaijan attacked the Holy Saviour Cathedral in Artsakh (built in 1887) on two separate occasions collapsing the roof of the church and causing extreme damage. The attack on the church left three international journalists severely injured and in critical condition. American tax payer money is currently supporting these terrorist attacks. The Armenia Fund is a non-profit organization accepting donations to help the civilian population in Artsakh who are living in bunkers as Azerbaijan continues bombing their city.

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