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Hit it. Lift it. Tone it. 

#FitBoxWorkout In A Nutshell

By combining cardio and strength training, our signature workout classes will push you past your perceived potential. Always different, we combine heavy bag work, shadow boxing, barbells, dumbbells, and resistance bands for a full body blast designed to sculpt lean strong bodies in a clean and welcoming space. Our supportive "family-feel" community motivates and pushes each other, guiding you to leave it all on the floor; you'll walk away feeling empowered each and every time. 


LA's signature kickboxing class! In 60 minutes, you’ll punch and kick your way into a sweaty euphoria. The class will start with a light cardio warm up followed by some shadowboxing. We’ll then run through various combos, alternating between Fitbox original drills that use heavy bags, speed bags, mitts, and partner work. The class is designed for you to work on both speed and power, always focusing on proper form. As you jab, hook, and knee, this cardio workout will torch calories and tone lean strong bodies. All while having fun! 


Get in the ring! This is an advanced sparring class that will unleash your inner fighter. This a chance for you to apply your FitBox technique in a sparring arena. Headgear encouraged. Inquire with instructor regarding eligibility. Must qualify to participate. 


Start them young! Our FitKids class focuses on boxing and fitness. In 60 minutes, your child will learn boxing basics and the importance of strength training in a safe, welcoming environment. We use heavy bags, mitts, and bands to set up obstacle course style training that will have them feeling empowered and confident while smiling the whole way through. Ages 6-12, all levels welcome!



FitLift 5x5

Our signature 60 minute FitLift class is an all levels full body workout developed on the principles of heavy weight, low reps. Based on the 5x5 weight lifting method, this class always has five circuits; which have a compound exercise (using a barbell) and an alternate exercise (using dumbbells, resistance bands, or body weight). By the time you walk out, you will have worked every major muscle group. Safety is our number one priority as our instructors are dedicated to teaching the fundamental principles of weight training and demonstrating proper form. Modifications are provided should you require. This class will build strength while sculpting your muscles safely and effectively. 


FitStretch takes you through a series of stretches from head to toe that will help you with flexibility and range of motion, leaving your muscles feeling loose and ready to train again! Using various stretching techniques, we target each muscle group for a complete active recovery session.


Get ready for a 60 minute full body boxing and strength training workout! Set up into stations, this class blends boxing and weights into a full body blast. You'll transition between hitting bags and mitt work to training with resistance bands, dumbells, and the bosu. Last 10 minutes of class is all ABS!

**Gloves required (you can borrow for your first few classes!)