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Not your typical boxing class

Family Fitness Studio that is a welcoming community in Sherman Oaks, CA

To Have FUN - The energy speaks for itself. You'll see people smiling and laughing in between sets. We want you to enjoy your class, not suffer through it!

To Sweat - Please dress accordingly. Sneakers or boxing specific shoes required.

Parking - There are a few lots in the back of the studio (either enter through the alley or use driveway next to Fantastic Sam's & Tamashi Ramen). Please read all signs to ensure that you do not accidentally park in a reserved spot. Street parking also available. Park at Wells Fargo before 9am or after 6pm. 

Check In - Entrance is in the back. Please check in at the desk at least 5 minutes prior to class so we can give you the rundown and take you on a short tour to get you situated.

Gear - We offer free gloves until you're ready to invest in a pair of your own!

What To Expect

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