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Joseph Marshall, owner at Fitbox Workout in Sherman Oak, CA

Joseph Marshall

Fitbox Owner
Trainer, Boxing & 5x5

Joseph was born and raised in Sherman Oaks, CA. When he was 8, he became Billy Blanks' first junior black belt, powering on to eventually receive his 3rd degree. He competed with the Billy Blanks World Training Center, often medaling in his division. Joseph is known for being able to call out combos at lightening speed, a skill he picked up while participating in the debate team. Growing up in the fitness industry, Joseph has always dreamed of owning his own studio that is deep rooted in his Tae Kwon Do background. Fitbox is a culmination of his years of hard work and dedication, a childhood dream come true. A valley kid at heart, Joseph lives locally in Sherman Oaks with his German Sheppard, Rex, and tries to take advantage of every hike California has to offer. 

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