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Michelle Marshall, Boxing and Group Boxing Fitness Trainer at Fitbox Workout in Sherman Oak, CA

Michelle Marshall

Trainer, Boxing & 5x5
Arbonne Nutriton Consultant, Marketing

Michelle was the last Marshall to receive her black belt (she decided to take a hiatus from Tae Kwon Do to try out a few more traditional sports). Learning early on to finish what she started, she eventually decided to return to TKD as a teen. While testing for her red/black belt, the board decided to skip her and advance her directly to black. She eventually earned her 2nd degree. Her love for health and fitness continued to grow through out college where she enjoyed developing workout programs for her close friends. As a typical millennial, her digital and social media savviness has enabled her to spearhead the FitBox branding, so don’t be alarmed if you see her sneaking in the corner of classes taking pics! When she's not working it out in the gym, you can find her whipping up batches of her favorite protein pancakes and sipping on homemade vanilla lattes.  

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