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Roger Marshall, Boxing and Group Boxing Fitness Trainer at Fitbox Workout in Sherman Oak, CA

Roger Marshall

Trainer, Boxing & 5x5
Fitbox Trainer Development

Roger was born in England and moved to the States when he was 8 (we wish he had an accent too)! From playing on his HS Football team to competing in triathalons, he has always had a love of fitness. Roger became involved in Tae Kwon Do as a deal with his son; the day Joseph received his black belt, Roger would start taking classes. That day quickly approached and a few years later, the two were standing next to each other in the line up as Roger received his black belt, eventually advancing to a 3rd degree. Most recently, he successfully rode his bike from San Francisco to Malibu... for fun. Recently competing in a 5k mud run, he took 2nd in his age group and looks forward to coming in first at the next one. Roger developed the FitLift 5x5 class and is living proof that it transforms your body!

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