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Free workout planner

Are you spending hours a week in your favorite workout classes

but not seeing the results you deserve? 

You love boxing, lifting, pilates, yoga, spin, and other group classes - they make you feel empowered and strong!

BUT - you feel like you are NOT seeing the changes you desire! 


I’ve been there and done that.


My WORKOUTS MADE SIMPLE package is specifically designed to help you get the most effective results from your favorite workouts.


If you want to keep taking the classes that you love and finally see the results you deserve, then this is for YOU! 

Train Efficient
Get your FREE Workouts Made Simple Guide 

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Here’s what you’re gonna get:


1.) The secret to building the perfect workout schedule using my signature template

2.) How to customize your very own schedule, using the workouts that you LOVE

3.) The Truth about how frequently you should be doing different types of workouts and why rest days are a must!

You work hard in the gym 

now learn how A STRATEGIC WORKOUT SCHEDULE will get you

the results you deserve  

Hi, I'm Michelle - the youngest in the Marshall fam. Working out has always been in my DNA, from the moment I could stand, I was kicking and punching. 

In college I was a cardio queen. I would run miles and miles on the treadmill and feel like I was never getting anywhere... literally and physically! ;) 

I leaned out, sure, but that's about it. I had no definition or muscle! Here's the thing, my workout mix was holding me back from seeing the results I was working so hard towards! I finally decided enough was enough. This is when I got REALLY into fitness and building workout plans. 

I researched different TYPES of workouts. Took courses. All the things! There is SO much information out there… it’s overwhelming. I did ALL the research so that you DON’T have to, and now I’m sharing it with YOU!

You've heard us say it time and time again... cardio AND strength training (i.e weights). But how much cardio should you do? How many times a week should you be lifting weights?

This is why I built this free workout planner! To help you understand HOW you should plan your workout schedule. So you aren't like me in college... running and running and not getting anywhere! 

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