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Exercise is the gas pedal, food is the fuel in the tank.


You work hard in the gym 

now learn how nutrition will get you

the results you deserve  

Have you tried all the diets? Spent hours in the gym? And you’re still not getting the results you deserve? You’re hearing about all these quick fixes, but you want a REAL CHANGE. 


Something sustainable. Something that doesn’t make you cut calories or feel deprived. I’ve been there and done that!


Hi, I'm Michelle - the youngest in the Marshall fam. Working out has always been in my DNA, from the moment I could stand, I was kicking and punching. But food... let's just say that I am NOT one of those... eat to live kind of people. 


I love chocolate and creamy flavored lattes, a good burger and a slice of thick crust pizza. I LIVE TO EAT. I enjoy going out with friends and choosing a ton of different dishes for us all to share. Are you nodding your head right now? Sounding familiar?


Here’s the thing… my eating habits were holding me back from seeing the results I was working so hard towards in the gym. And finally, I decided enough was a enough.


Arbonne Independent Consultant

My motto? Quick, Simple, Healthy, Delicious.

10 "ingredients" or less

10 minutes or less

I knew that diets didn’t work for me. I always stuck to them Monday - Friday, then come Saturday it was food gone wild! So I had one goal in mind: find something that enables me to still enjoy all my favorite things, without sacrificing my goals. 


I read every article. I studied hundreds of nutritional experts and finally I discovered… Arbonne's Healthy Living Program and became an Arbonne Independent Consultant.


Let me be clear. This is NOT a diet, there are no points or counting calories or grams.. It’s a LIFESTYLE


It’s about BALANCE. Learning how to balance your day, eating meals that are simple and sustainable so you don’t feel like you’re dieting at all. You’re just… living. 


There is SO much information out there… it’s overwhelming - I kept thinking, how do I begin? But, I had the passion and desire to make a change! So I kept learning… I curated the most important information from hundreds of sources and I organized it so I could truly understand. And I finally, did!


In 30 days, I started to see results… in 45, so did my friends and family. Within 3 months, my body had transformed! 


And then… my friends, family, and clients were eager to learn too! So I sorted and organized all my knowledge to make it as simple and easy to understand.


I did ALL the research so that you DON’T have to - and now I’m sharing it with YOU! 


If you want to finally learn how to get healthy on the inside, trim down and  lean out WITHOUT dieting or cutting calories, then this is for YOU! 

About Me


30 Days

30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge

This is your 30 day jumpstart! We will eliminate allergenic & toxic foods to detox & reprogram your body. Common thinking is if you lose weight, you will get healthy. But in reality, if you get healthy, the weight will take care of itself. 

I'm Ready!

Everyday Lifestyle Program

Once you've complete the 30 Day Jump Start, we teach you how to maintain this balanced lifestyle and continue to reach your goals!



Learn More



The added value guides have been created by an Arbonne independent consultant and are in no way associated with Arbonne

YOUR 8 week challenge


Follow Your Custom Macro Based Meal Plan

(provided with newbie or pro package)


workout 4-5x / week

Keep track using our accountability calendar, which will be delivered digitally with your newbie or pro package.


Complete 10x reps challenge

Complete the following circuit for the indicated amount of rounds (based on what week we are on) below. 

10 leg lifts + 10 push ups + 10 mountain climbers + 10 squats + 10 walking lunges

  • Weeks 1 & 2 - 2 Rounds 

  • Weeks 3 & 4 - 3 Rounds

  • Weeks 5 & 6 - 4 Rounds

  • Weeks 7 & 8 - 5 Rounds

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 12.51.43

Challenge yourself! Follow the below goals to hold yourself accountable. 

8 Week


Free workout planner

Are you spending hours a week in your favorite workout classes

but not seeing the results you deserve? 

You love boxing, lifting, pilates, yoga, spin, and other group classes - they make you feel empowered and strong!

BUT - you feel like you are NOT seeing the changes you desire! 


I’ve been there and done that.


My WORKOUTS MADE SIMPLE package is specifically designed to help you get the most effective results from your favorite workouts.


If you want to keep taking the classes that you love and finally see the results you deserve, then this is for YOU! 

Train Efficient
Get your FREE Workouts Made Simple Guide 

Thanks for submitting! Your free guide will be e-mailed to your shortly. 


Here’s what you’re gonna get:


1.) The secret to building the perfect workout schedule using my signature template

2.) How to customize your very own schedule, using the workouts that you LOVE

3.) The Truth about how frequently you should be doing different types of workouts and why rest days are a must!

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