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Easy (Three Step) Fish Tacos

Looking for an easy meal to throw together for #tacotuesday? Check out our favorite Shrimp Tacos... three easy steps, 10 min tops, and you'll have a healthy dinner in no time!

We'll do you one better, make extras of everything and bring them deconstructed to work with you.

I think I ate these in 5 minutes flat! In honor of #tacotuesday and #cincodemayo… I think I ate these in 3 minutes flat. My favorite 3 Step Shrimp Tacos, perfect for me to throw together after a late night at the gym (who am I kidding, that’s every night), they literally take all of 10 minutes whip up! Add them to your meal prep, they’re super easy to assemble at work for an easy healthy lunch. Link in bio for the recipe!

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